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04. Dec '18

ChipVORX Synthetic Instruments (SI)

ATTENTION! The webinar now takes place on 4th December.


The webinar gives an introduction into the test possibilities of ChipVORX SI, especially in comparison to conventional ChipVORX.

In particular, the mode of operation of this technology is described, where and when it can be used, what is necessary for the application and which steps are necessary for it. In the second part of the webinar an example with benchmark and the planned roadmap will be presented.

These questions will be answered in the webinar:

What is ChipVORX SI?
Where and how can ChipVORX SI be used?
What are the requirements?
What does the roadmap look like?

4pm MEZ
3pm BST
3pm UTC
11am EDT
10am CDT

Hosea Busse, GÖPEL electronic GmbH


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  • 04. Dec '18 10:00 - 11:00 Clock
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