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03. Dec '19

Visual Project Explorer (ViPX) – Enhancing Test Development

In the age of ever larger and more complex projects, new approaches for presentation, analysis and interaction are needed. The Visual Project Explorer (ViPX) in SYSTEM CASCON 4.7 is your new tool. The viewer with new user interface presents complex board and test information in a simple and clear manner. You can analyze circuit networks in detail and interact with all elements.

In addition, ViPX makes all information easily manageable. This also includes the display of logical interconnections beyond board boundaries. This is especially interesting if your device under test consists of several interconnected boards. See only the information you want to see - and hide those you don't need. 

Start your voyage of discovery with our webinar. Learn how ViPX helps you in your CASCON test development process.

Who may be interested 

Beginners and advanced users of SYSTEM CASCON


4:00 pm CET
3:00 pm UTC


Lester Tseng, GOEPEL electronics Ltd.

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  • 03. Dec '19 15:00 - 16:00 Clock
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