23. Sep '21

The crux of hidden solder joints

6 ways to detect defects in hidden solder joints

"Deeply embedded structures" - Hidden solder joints under components such as BGAs or QFNs have a particularly high risk of intermittent faults. A bad solder joint may have enough continuity to pass an initial check by an electrical test. However, with field use, the solder joint that "passed" is  stressed by external influences and full loading and can fail. This can lead to expensive recalls. The question is: how can this risk be minimized to improve quality control in the production line?

In the webinar, we will address this topic by looking at two key inspection strategies including electrical test via embedded JTAG/Boundary Scan and automatic X-Ray inspection (AXI). We will discuss how the respective technologies can function as process monitors and where their respective limitations lie. We will address the practical question of how unsoldered or short-circuited connections, air inclusions or defects in the insulation spacing can be detected in the most effective possible way. The webinar also discusses ways to optimize fault coverage on assemblies with hidden solder joints.


10 am BST (in London)


Thomas Wenzel, Alexander Labrada Diaz, Andreas Türk, Matthias Müller

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  • • 23. Sep '21 09:00 - 10:00 UTC
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