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  26. Jan '21

Test Convention connect - Embedded JTAG Solutions

What is the test coverage? - Introducing the all-new Test Coverage Analyzer

Lecture with Alexander Labrada Diaz, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

The lecture will get to the bottom of the question of when is an element to be considered tested. For this purpose, the latest features of the Test Coverage Analyser integrated into SYSTEM CASCON will be presented. It will be shown how users can control individual parameterization and evaluation characteristics to produce accurate test coverage analysis data. 

Test Coverage Analyzer - usage and optimisation

Workshop with Alexander Labrada Diaz, GÖPEL electronic GmbH

What options does the new TCA offer? Coverage overview for managers and detailed report for the project - with one tool? Where are the differences and do the reports still tell the truth? The workshop is suitable for controllers and test program developers as well as for manufacturing specialists.

The event is free of charge!


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  • • 26. Jan '21 09:30 - 11:00 CET
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