10. Feb '22

Fault detection through embedded instruments and digital twins

Detect invisible dangers in time

Developing and producing innovative products of the highest quality and ensuring sustainable reliability in use - these are decisive cornerstones for the market success of every electronics company.

New design technologies are playing a key role in continuous miniaturization, growing speed of distribution and increasing functional complexity. However, these innovations also have a downside, because they change the error spectrum to a great extent, making detection, diagnosis and localization of defects increasingly difficult and leading to ever increasing complexity in the interaction between software and hardware.

GÖPEL electronic has taken on these challenges and developed a new holistic philosophy for the use of so-called embedded instruments to address the often invisible dangers and has technologically transferred that philosophy into practice.

The free webinar analyzes the various dangers using specific reference models, explains the philosophy of embedded instruments, presents the product solutions and system technologies developed for this purpose and demonstrates the outstanding practical efficiency of the methods using case studies.

Who may be interested in the web seminar

  • Test managers who want to familiarize themselves with current and future possibilities of embedded test in interaction with further test resources up to ATE

  • hardware developers who need tools for analyzing assemblies and circuit parts

  • Test engineers who already use embedded test and programming methods for which the classic boundary scan is not sufficient


Thomas Wenzel, Martin Borowski, Jan Heiber

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  • • 10. Feb '22 15:00 - 16:00 UTC
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