12. Oct '22

Detect functional faults across processes

Modern test strategies now require more than just testing board connections. In addition to perfect contacting, the fault-free board and component function must also be ensured.

GÖPEL electronic has been addressing this issue for many years and has developed disruptive test technologies that implement the necessary test instrumentation as part of the native design and can be used throughout the entire product life cycle.

In this way, various onboard instruments can be addressed and evaluated. Sensors, ADCs, DACs and various transceivers have standardised interfaces for configuration. With the help of simple read and write accesses, the correct function of these components can be checked. On-chip instruments and interfaces can also be functionally checked. Resources on the board are used to initiate and check USB host-slave communication, for example.

The free webinar highlights the use of functional test methods based on embedded instruments. In addition, it provides insight into the diverse application possibilities and explains the outstanding efficiency of the methods in the validation of prototypes as well as their transfer into production practice based on case studies.


David Whetstone, Heiko Ehrenberg, Alexander Labrada Diaz


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Date: 13 October 2022, 9 am UTC

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