CASCON POLARIS is a powerful, flexible and user-friendly development and operating environment for JTAG/Boundary Scan in-system-programming and on-chip flash programming of microcontrollers with the help of VarioTAP technology.

Application specific versions for special needs in laboratory, production and service environments are available. Combining CASCON POLARIS with GOEPEL electronic's controllers and accessories, users can configure high performance JTAG/Boundary Scan programmers for various performance classes.


  • integrated JTAG/Boundary Scan development environment for In-System programming (ISP)
  • ATPG for Infrastructure Test
  • easy manual FLASH programming with CASLAN programming language
  • Automatic FLASH Program Generator (AFPG)
  • support of SVF, JAM/ STAPL for vector import, support of IEEE-Std.1532 (2002)
  • library section with BSDL support and form editor for interactive model generation
  • Gang-programming support of multiple UUTs
  • full network capability / floating license / FlexLM

CASCON POLARIS is available in three different editions

  • Advanced
  • Flash
  • PLD

Since CASCON POLARIS is based on the proven JTAG/Boundary Scan software SYSTEM CASCON, it offers the same advantages of an integrated development environment.

System architecture, user interface, file handling, libraries and the actual ISP tools are all identical.
With the exception of the infrastructure test, CASCON POLARIS does not have any test tools. The CASCON POLARIS routines are immediately applicable in SYSTEM CASCON without modifications.




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