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TAP Transceiver

The TAP transceivers are the front end facing the unit under test, while controllers are the back end. They are available in various form factors to address even the most diverse application environments.

Adaptable TAP transceivers are particularly flexible due to TAP Interface Cards (TIC), which can be plugged either internally or externally.

External plugging requires TIC Extension Modules (TEMs). We are continuously expanding our TIC portfolio and ensure that all types, being equipped with slots, can be freely combined. TAP transceivers typically come in two product versions and with permanently installed TICs and TEMs.

Deskop SCANFLEX TAP Transceiver SFX-TAP6
TAP Interface Card (TIC)
TAP Interface Card (TIC) Type 022 / SR
TIC Extension Module (TEM)
TIC Extension Module (TEM)