Extensions for Embedded JTAG Solutions

The SCANFLEX II Interface Tester Master (SFX II ITM)

Your Solution for Testing Interfaces

In the range of the powerful JTAG/Boundary Scan Hardware Platform SCANFLEX II GÖPEL electronic has developed a new interface tester. The SCANFLEX II Interface Tester Master (SFX II ITM) enables you to significantly improve the test depth in the field of advanced bus interfaces.

The Interface Test Master has eight independent and freely configurable ITMC slots for inserting ITM cards (ITMC).
With the exchangeable ITM cards, you can adapt the module to your specific test scenario and test the performance of a wide range of interfaces - from simple variants such as RS232, I2C and SPI to more complex interfaces such as USB, LAN and media connections. The multi-core system's performance enables parallel interface tests of up to eight interfaces or DUTs. The architecture of the SFX II ITM/8 is optimized for direct installation in fixtures with easy signal feed and wiring. This also optimizes the connection to the DUT.

The SFX II ITM/8 is primarily controlled via LAN connection to the SFXII controller, alternatively via UART interface (RS232) or an IEEE1149.1 TAP connection. In addition to operation with SCANFLEX II the Interface Test Master can also be operated as a stand-alone unit. For this purpose it offers an integrated Web Service based on the Web Service Description Language (WSDL).


  • 8 freely assignable ports for connecting ITMC (INTERFACE TEST MASTER CARD)
  • automatic detection and configuration of ITMCs
  • Control via GBit LAN and API
  • external power supply (5 V) required
  • ITM Cards not included in the delivery scope

CION Modules™

CION Modules are based on the CION™ interface chip, also developed by GOEPEL electronic, and can be serially accessed and controlled through a TAP. They are external boundary scan extensions of the units under test and can be used to test peripheral I/Os, connectors, backplanes, bases, etc.

Several modules of the same or different size can easily be cascaded to increase the number of channels. Currently, we are offering CION Modules in four different versions.


  • Standard - for integration in test fixtures
  • for DIMM interfaces
  • Slot - as configurable PCI card
  • Card Fixture - for test of PCI card and cards with AMC interface

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