Testing of Electric Motors in the Automotive Sector

Cross-system software for process monitoring of engine production and development

Once parameterise - use in all systems. Compare the results of all the CARMEN engine test benches.

A powerful, database-supported software system offers you a variety of test procedures, analysis tools and functions for parameter and data management. These enable you as a product developer to recognise weaknesses in the UUT and to assign measurement data and test parameters to different UUT types.

In addition to the standardised test procedure for the classic motor characteristic curve, which represents the current and speed curve from no load (torque control = zero) to blocking of the test object above the torque, a large number of other test procedures are available. All of which conform to the specifications of the automotive industry

In principle, all raw data of the measurement are recorded and stored for each test. This enables the calculation of results with changed evaluation parameters without having to repeat the test on the machine. In addition, the measurement data can be loaded on any PC and analysed again - a global networking of the engine test benches is thus given.

In order to further expand the functionality of CARMEN, you can program your own individual test algorithms. Test parameters or quality features that are determined during product development (in the development test bench) are used later in the endurance test or in the end-of-line test.

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From validation of development samples and prototypes, to reliability and endurance testing, as well as end-of-line testing, we manage all processes with just one software system.

Common database and software tools

  • common software system for all GÖPEL electronic engine testers
  • traceability of results across systems
  • system-wide application of test parameters and evaluation parameters such as limit curves etc.

Tools of the software

  • In this area you create test samples, parameterise the control and store their properties. In addition, you can parameterise the permanently programmed test sequences and define evaluation parameters here.

    Motor Parameterisation

    • part number & type of control

    Test Parameterisation

    • fixed, repeatable test sequences and data evaluation
  • The evaluation of the test specimens is simplified and traceably recorded by various analysis tools such as result tables with IO/NIO evaluation, measurement functions and evaluation of linearity. This information is stored together with the measurement data in the database.

    Additional analysis tools

    • limit curve editor
    • calculation of idealised curves & performance parameters
    • raw data display
    • display of collective curves (comparison of several measurements in one diagram)
    • display of measured data over time and configurable X/Y display
  • All test bench functions can be controlled or used separately, for example:

    • torque control
    • speed control
    • positioning
    • control of power supply units
    • control via bus systems (CAN, LIN, etc.)

    All measuring channels are recorded in a freely selectable way. With the Sequence Editor, you can program and run sequences of a test sequence yourself and record all available measurement data.

    • user management allows the user rights to be restricted on several levels
    • online language switching simplifies use, especially in an international environment
    • regular calibration ensured by maintenance manager
    • additional functions such as self-diagnosis, system monitor simplify troubleshooting and their elimination
    • database search functions in the result browser for  fast finding and displaying of certain test results
    • clear and comfortable work on the system thanks to multi-window display
      (from full screen to split screen view - display more than one window simultaneously)

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White Paper

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Download white paper on the CARMEN test platform.

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