Noise and Vibration Measurement

Acoustic analysis of motor components in the End-of-Line test

Car doors, seats, camshafts, ball, bearings, cylinder head gaskets, tailgates, ABS motors – the list of the single components that are installed in vehicles and cause a certain noise level is long.

A large number of these are rotary or mechanic functional units. Car manufacturers (OEM) specify to their suppliers how sound effects must be developed and evaluated due to specific requirements.  Furthermore, acoustic analyses can detect decisive faults.

The noise and impact sound analysis for mechanic functional test describes a method where assemblies are checked for their vibration behaviour by means of detecting airborne and impact sounds. Thereby, a sound image is recorded and the frequency spectrum analysed.

Analysen am Außenspiegel des Automobils

Selbst vermeintlich unspektakuläre Seitenspiegel stecken voller Technologie. Bequemes Einstellen des Sichtfeldes oder automatisches Einklappen sind angenehme Komfortfunktionen. Störgeräusche sollen dabei jedoch vermieden werden. Die Akustikanalysesysteme CARoLINE und SoundChecker ermöglichen eine akustische Auswertung von Spiegeln.

► Lesen Sie hier einen Beitrag zur Terz- und Modulationszanalyse bei Außenspiegeln

Acoustic analysis with products from GÖPEL electronic



    For evaluation of the functionality and assembly quality of electromotive drive systems in vehicles.

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    SoundChecker is a stand-alone system for sound analysis. It consists of a measurement data collecting unit, structure-borne sound sensors or open air microphones.

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