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Test Systems for Automotive Test Solutions


Infotainment Test for Automotive Applications

Multimedia operating interfaces are complex control and display devices for functions such as entertainment, telephony, on-board computers and vehicle settings. The functional test of such complex control units and their networking within the vehicle architecture presents a particular challenge in...

Sitztester OsCAR

EOL test platform for vehicle seats - OsCAR

GOEPEL electronic’s seat test system “OsCAR” is a universal platform that can be utilised across a wide range of requirements and units under test (UUT) without complex reconfiguration and reprogramming. Airbags, belt buckles, seat occupancy detection, movement modes, heatings and more can be...

Motorentester CARMEN

Motor Tester

The CARMEN motor test system provides the technical prerequisites to measure the properties of electric motors and electro-mechanic drives objectively under real operating conditions. CARMEN determines quality parameters of electric motors and improves the efficiency of these assemblies.


Network Tester

A network testing system allows statements on the physical properties of bus interfaces, the checking of communication properties as well as the simulation of transfer fields on the individual control device, even in a group. With the combination of measurement technology and diagnosis functions...

Acoustic Analysis - Noise and Vibration Measurement

Acoustic analysis of motor components in the End-of-Line test: car doors, seats, camshafts, ball, bearings, cylinder head gaskets, tailgates, ABS motors and much more. The noise and impact sound analysis for mechanic functional test describes a method where assemblies are checked for their vibration...