Residual Bus Simulation and Gateway Test

Net2Run Configurator

Net2Run provides an efficient solution for creating complex, signal-basedresidual bus simulations for heterogeneous vehicle networks.

The AUTOSAR approach of uniform signal access and the PDU conceptfor the CAN, LIN and FlexRay bus have been implemented here.

Thusalongside the classic residual bus simulation, gateways can also berealised at the signal and PDU level.Configuration takes place via the Net2Run configurator based on CAN, LINor FIBEX message catalogues (*.dbc, *.ldf, *.xml)

Net2Run IDE

The Series 61 interface modules enable users to load their own madecode (onboard programs) onto the card and run it directly from the card.

Net2Run IDE is a complete C/C++ development environment for thispurpose, in which users can develop, edit, debug and run onboardprograms.

The GÖPEL API -familiar from Series 61 integration in Windows programsis available as an onboard API, which greatly simplifies the creation of theonboard programs.

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