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Using Ethernet Interfaces for Automotive Tests

Easy CON 1000Base-T1
Automotive Ethernet Media Converter
PXI 6141 Ethernet Controller
PXI 6141 Ethernet Controller

Highlights Easy CON 1000Base-T1

Media Converter

  • connects Automotive Ethernet networks to standard LAN networks with 100Base-Tx / 1000Base-T as a bit transmission layer or with USB 3.0
  • easy mode selection via membrane keyboard on the top of the device
  • supports both master and slave operation
  • conversion from Automotive Ethernet to USB 3.0, thus no additional network interface at the PC is necessary
  • status displays via LEDs
  • compact housing with protection class IP20

Highlights PXI 6141

Ethernet Controller

  • up to 4 100/1000Base-T1 interfaces
  • test pick-up on all interfaces via TAP matrix
  • high-performance Power PC as simulation processor
  • trace data acquisition on all interfaces with precise hardware time stamp
  • supports diagnostics over IP (DoIP)
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