Automotive Ethernet

Media converter and controller for Ethernet interfaces

Connectivity, big data and autonomous driving require the ability to transmit large amounts of data in in-vehicle communication networks.

Automotive Ethernet offers the possibility to adapt a well-known and proven technology of the consumer electronics sector for the automotive industry. Ethernet offers high bandwidth and flexibility at low cost. In addition to the connection of high-resolution image sensors and radars, Ethernet is used as a backbone connection between high-performance computers within the vehicle.

The Ethernet hardware for the automobile

Media Converter Easy CON 1000Base-T1

Easy CON is a cost-effective automotive Ethernet media converter (1000BASE-T1 to 1000BASE-T or 100BASE-T1 to 100BASE-TX and vice versa). Due to its low sensitivity to interference, the Easy CON can be used not only at development workstations, but also in particularly harsh environments such as production facilities or the shop floor.

In addition to simple media conversion, the tool can also be operated as a USB Ethernet adapter (automotive Ethernet). Easy CON automatically determines all connection parameters (e.g. data rate, master-slave mode).

Highlights of Media Converter Easy CON 1000Base-T1

  • connects Automotive Ethernet networks to standard LAN networks with 100Base-Tx / 1000Base-T as a bit transmission layer or with USB 3.0
  • easy mode selection via membrane keyboard on the top of the device
  • supports both master and slave operation
  • conversion from Automotive Ethernet to USB 3.0, thus no additional network interface at the PC is necessary
  • status displays via LEDs
  • compact housing with protection class IP20

Ethernet Controller PXI 6141

The Ethernet controllers are universal and flexible test tools for vehicle communication. They allow the simulation of different networks as well as the testing and analysis of ECUs and complete networks.

Applications are transparent Ethernet monitoring (tapping), media conversion (e.g. 100BASE-TX to 100BASE-T1), diagnosis and residual bus simulation. Programming, measuring and calibrating individual control units via Ethernet (e.g. 1000BASE-T1) is also an option. Thanks to the flexible MII mux implemented in hardware, filtering, switching, feeding and forwarding of data is possible in real time with very low latency.

Highlights of Ethernet Controller PXI 6141

  • up to 4 100/1000Base-T1 interfaces
  • test pick-up on all interfaces via TAP matrix
  • high-performance Power PC as simulation processor
  • trace data acquisition on all interfaces with precise hardware time stamp
  • supports diagnostics over IP (DoIP)

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