Run-In Test for Automotive Applications

Electronic control units in the vehicle are exposed to extreme ambient temperatures during their life cycle. Malfunctions and failures not only involve logistically complex repairs, but also pose a major safety risk in the vehicle itself.

Automotive manufacturers therefore require comprehensive and sophisticated testing procedures, which ensure a high level reliability in the electronic components. Under extreme climatic conditions, technological problems can be detected by the run-in test, especially during the initial phase of production. On the one hand they can optimise the production processes but on the other hand they can result in early failures.

Run-in test units reduce the probability of failure, because the increased error rate is overcome in the first phase of the “bathtub curve”.

Examples of applications for run-in test systems by GÖPEL electronic include:

  • Immobilisers
  • Seat occupancy sensors
  • Headlamp beam height control
  • Radiator fan motors
  • Climate control units incl. fan modules

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Shorter AOI test time with new PILOT AOI version

Speed increase with PILOT AOI

The new update to version 6.5 allows users of the AOI system software PILOT AOI to benefit from numerous improvements. Among other things, inspection functions, programme creation and optimisations have been revised. Now it is also possible to increase the speed of the AOI process using the MagicClick tool.

As an integral part of the system software, MagicClick not only enables the extremely fast creation of inspection programmes, but also optimises the number of projections required for 3D data acquisition based on the PCB topography. This results in significant savings in the inspection time of the assembly. 
Since this function, however, deeply intervenes in the 3D functionality of the AOI system, an analysis of the current 3D configuration by the GÖPEL electronic support team is required. 

The new PILOT software version 6.5 was released at the beginning of the year and is available for all 3D AOI and SPI system variants, both for SMD and THT inspection.

Created by Matthias Müller | | Inspection Solutions AOI

Speed increase in PCB inspection with PILOT AOI 6.5