Prototype Test

Extensive testing to check technical parameters or integrated functions is conducted after completion of the development phase or even during development. Ambient conditions can be simulated and the responses of the equipment being tested can be recorded.

The prototype test is used for early detection of design faults before a product enters series production. Even during the development process, a test system must be capable of influencing as many parameters as possible and integrating various characteristics. 

The prototype test procedures developed by GÖPEL electronic are carried directly over to the end-of-line test after optimisation of the cycle time.

Examples of applications for prototype test systems by GÖPEL electronic include:

  • Climate testing systems
  • Seat motors
  • ABS pumps
  • Engine testing systems
  • Current measurement devices
  • Rain/light sensors

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News from the Automotive Test Solutions

New SYSTEM CASCON software version with numerous features

With version 4.8.0, users of the Embedded JTAG Solutions software platform SYSTEM CASCON get numerous new features. The focus is on higher speed, simplified handling and a better overview.

SYSTEM CASCON is the GÖPEL electronic software platform. It serves as the basis for all test techniques such as JTAG/Boundary Scan/IEEE1149.x, Processor Emulation Test, FPGA Assisted Test, Embedded Diagnostics Test, but also for design validation, for debugging, for various programming strategies and for interaction with other external test equipment.

With the new update, a generator, compiler and implementer are now available for IJTAG/IEEE1687 tests. This primarily increases ease of use and execution speed. In addition, analogue switches, level shifters and similar components are now supported in the interconnection test. The end result is that the overall test coverage is increased.

Test procedures for testing RAM memories are already an integral part of SYSTEM CASCON. With the new version, these can now also be tested according to the standard DDR4 connectivity test. This improves test times and diagnostic options.

As a further feature, the Visual Project Explorer (ViPX) has been extended by a new test system view. This provides an overview of the configured test system. With an automated multi-scan chain detection of boards, it also offers fast, interactive access to the test object.

The most visible feature of the new SYSTEM CASCON version is the updated window structure. The individual areas are now more clearly divided into development, board, execute and TCA windows. As a result, the Embedded JTAG Solutions software platform is even easier to use.

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