GÖPEL electronic stages test technology event in digital guise

Web conference over a two week period

With the Test Convention connect, GOEPEL electronic stages a purely digital web conference on the topic of component inspection and electronics test technologies.  Over a period of two weeks, various topics from the areas of AOI, AXI and SPI, but also test & programming will be covered in daily 90-minute web sessions. The first web session starts on 18 January and will take place Monday to Thursday.

The Test Convention connect is the digital version of the very successful test technology event. The aim of the event is to bring together users and professionals from the fields of electronics development and manufacturing and to highlight the numerous testing possibilities along the product life cycles. This year, the focus is on the use of artificial intelligence in industrial test technology.

The Test Convention connect also serves to impart knowledge about technological advances, developments of new systems and problem solutions. Regardless of experience level, participants can immerse themselves in the worlds of inspection solutions and Embedded JTAG Solutions. Each web session consists of a technical presentation as well as a workshop in a maximum of 90 minutes.

Test Convention connect

Test Convention connect

Created by Matthias Müller | | Veranstaltungen Embedded JTAG Solutions Inspektionslösungen AOI

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