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Webinar: Embedded JTAG Solutions: Save costs - reduce time

The technology of devices and printed circuit boards is progressing rapidly today. This progress offers great benefits for the application of high-quality electronics; but also brings sophisticated requirements to production and this of course leads to test likewise in test requirements. In our webinar you’ll learn more about what test and programming opportunities are offered by Embedded JTAG Solutions and how you can solve these difficult and challenging test requirements.

Increasing complexity of assemblies and shrinking access require reliable technologies. The higher the test coverage, the better the end result.

These 3 elements of Embedded JTAG Solutions will be presented during the webinar:

  • Embedded Board Test describes a test method for modern electronics, using the intelligence of built-in circuits. The various and different technologies that are used
  • The idea behind Embedded Programming is to offer one solution for all programming requirements of modern electronics using already available on-board resources – whether used in development or in production.
  • Functional test of modern electronics using the native component intelligence - realized by Embedded Functional Test. The creation and application of test scenarios takes place entirely in a system, which is formed by common control hardware and common control software.

Date: 30 May 2017

Time: 10 a.m. GMT

Speaker: Daniel Robertson, GOEPEL electronics Ltd.

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Facts Webinar: Embedded JTAG Solutions: Save costs - reduce time
30 May 2017 10:00 11:00
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