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Automotive Test

K-Line interface for Automotive Test


The K-Line is a bi-directional one-wire-bus interface for data transfer within the automotive environment and is fully compliant with ISO 9141 and ISO 14230-1.
When used in conjunction with the vehicle L-Line diagnostic's, the K-Line can be operated in uni-directionally mode.

K- Line and L-Line are utilised predominately for external communication, Typically to provide onboard diagnostic of ECUs in the service workshops.

Products from GOEPEL electronic for K-Line interface

PXI PCI USB Ethernet
USB Module Stand-alone
PXI 6173 PCI 6173 USB 6173 basicLIN 6173 basicLIN 61 PLUS
PXI 6181 PCI 6181 USB 6181 basicCAR 6181 basicCAR 6181
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