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3D Solder Paste Inspection - SPI

SPI-Line 3D

In comparison to other solder paste inspection systems, the SPI-Line 3D provides a true accurate measurement of applied solder paste. The solder paste printing is inspected for form, height, surface area, bridges, volume, x/y offset and coplanarity.

In addition to high detection precision, the SPI system provides you with a test speed appropriate to industrial standards.

The easy-to-use software guarantees a fast generation of test programs.

Utilizing the SPI-Line 3D opens new opportunities for your processes:

  • Close-loop to paste printer
  • Connection to AOI/AXI repair station
Inspection Program Generation
Debugging and Analysis


Precise three-dimensional solder paste printing measurement

The SPI-PILOT software features optimised inspection functions to evaluate the following criteria:

  • Volume
  • Height
  • Surface area
  • X/Y offset
  • Bridges
  • Form
  • Coplanarity

PCB warpage is compensated for by up to +/- 5 mm by hardware and software guaranteeing precise measurement of deflected and bulged boards.

Most innovative 3D image capturing technology “Made in Germany”

A camera head specially developed in Germany provides highly precise 3D image captures of the solder paste printing. The camera head is functionally based on the fringe projection principle, operating without moving parts.
Camera and projector are synchronized at 180 images per second. This extremely high image capturing speed is the basis for one of the fastest 3D solder paste inspection systems on the market.

The camera head is offered in three different configurations determined by lateral resolutions of 10 µm, 15 µm and 20 µm.

Utilizing fringe projection technology, the system reacts very flexibly to different topographies. Hence, 3D measurement is reproducible and guarantees excellent precision.

Software interface SPI-Pilot: initial screen
Software interface SPI-Pilot: initial screen
Import module for Gerber data and CAD formats
Import module for Gerber data and CAD formats

SPI-PILOT – new standards in operator convenience

The touchscreen operated system guarantees minimal effort in test program generation by virtue of intuitive software features. With the help of the SPI-Wizard you can generate an inspection program in less than 10 minutes!

A powerful import module for Gerber data and CAD formats is available for automatic generation of test programs.

You store, evaluate and process all captured images in a 3D visualization. A module for statistical process control (SPC module) is available as an add-on option.

Configurationen of Solder Paste Inspection System

Configuration 1  Configuration 2  Configuration 3 
Measured values 3D solder paste inspection: volume, area, height
Camera 4 megapixel, 180 fps
X/Y resolution 20 μm 15 μm 10 μm
Z resolution 0,2 μm
Z measuring accuracy
(to target)
up to 1 μm
Z measurement area 1000 μm
Inspection speed 90 cm²/s 51 cm²/s 20 cm²/s
Volume repeatability
(on target)
< 0.5% at ± 3 σ
Volume repeatability
(on PCB)
< 2% at ± 3 σ
Gage R&R << 10 % at ± 6 σ
Illumination flexible illumination for fiducial and barcode / 2D-code detection
max PCB dimension 510 mm x 510 mm
min PCB dimension 80 mm x 80 mm
Top Side Clearance 50 mm
Bottom Side Clearance 30 mm
max. PCB thickness 5 mm
min. PCB thickness 0.3 mm
max. PCB warpage
± 5 mm
max. PCB weight 5 kg
Data Import Gerber data import (RS-274-X, RS-274-D), CAD, ODB ++
Test program generation easy programming in less than 10 minutes
Off-line Programming yes

Technical data Solder Paste Inspection System

Operating system Windows 7 (64 bit)
Inline interface SMEMA, Siemens, Sensor
Energy requirements 230 VAC / 2 kVA; compressed air 6 bar, consumption< 20 l/h
Transport directions lleft-right / right-left / left-left / right-right
Physical dimensions (BxTxH) 1000 mm x 1585 mm x 1520 mm
Weight 700 kg