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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI/AXI)

Optical Inspection systems

AOI Systems and its technologies

Meet your target: Printed circuit boards without faults

Lifted Lead Detection

Lifted leads on SO-IC

Lifted leads on SO-IC, hardly visible with orthogonal inspection but clearly visible with Chameleon.

OCR and LASER Labelling

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

High contrast of LASER labelling using QuattroFlash illumination for reliable Optical Character Recognition - easyOCR without any teaching processes.

Short Check

Short check

Safe detection of the smallest shorts and solder balls as well as elimination of interfering reflections by direction dependent illumination control.

Colour Verification

Colour Verification

Powerful functions for colour inspection enable the recognition of device colours as well as the verification of colour codes on components.

Inspection of hidden devices and solder joints

Inspection of hidden or covered components and solder joints

Detection of faults non-detectable by common view directions (e.g. top inspection or angled-view in 90° steps)

THT/THR solder joint inspection

THT/THR solder joint inspection

Selectable illumination directions and colours for detection of subtle defects on THT and THR solder joints