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JTAG/Boundary Scan
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Embedded System Access Technologies - ESA

Embedded System Access - New Dimensions in Test Access

Embedded System Access (ESA)

The change to multidimensional access started in the late 1990s. The upcoming era of Embedded System Access (ESA) will increasingly replace “old” test methods such as In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Flying Probe (FPT).

The strategy of invasive probe access cannot be utilized any longer for modern system assemblies equipped with Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) and Chip Size Packaging (CSP).

The Boundary Scan standard IEEE 1149.1 has been the foundation stone for Embedded System Access, as early as 1990. Boundary Scan (BST) replaces the mechanic access (needle probes) by an electric access (Silicon Pins), testing directly within the circuitry.

Embedded System Access Technologies and its Features

Type of Test structural functional open* functional
Test speed static dynamic open* real time
Access via Boundary Scan IC Processor IJTAG IC Processor
Fault coverage static dynamic openn* dynamic
Diagnostic level Pin Net/Pin open* IC/Net
IEEE Standard 1149.x 1149.7
ISTO 5001
P1687 -

* depends on implementation