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JTAG/Boundary Scan
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Process Integration, System Integration for Production Purposes

System integration for production

GOEPEL electronic offers a broad range of solutions, including related services,
specifically for automated production testing. Our portfolio also includes customer-specific engineering.

The result is a combination of products and services for any kind of JTAG/Boundary Scan integration:

    • complete desktop tester including adaption (JULIET)
    • gang test and gang programming system (SCANFLEX)
    • diagnosis and repair systems
    • OEM integrations into ICT, MDA, FPT, FCT
    • tester for highly accelerated stress screening (HASS)
    • optoelectronic test systems
    • mechatronic test systems (haptics)
    • comprehensive inline test and programming cells
    • customer-specific system integrations (PCI/PCIe, PXI/PXIe, LXI)
    • customer-specific test program development

    Our global partner program GATE (GOEPEL associated technical experts) provides assistance for the implementation of such integrations.

    Inline Programmer
    Desktop Tester

    RAPIDO - for Production

    Juliet - for Development

    Process integration

    There is often a need for integrating stand-alone systems or inline testers into a specific production environment. Such integrations are typically based on a Local Area Network (LAN) connection or data servers and enable numerous process controls such as:

      • dynamic request of software licenses
      • download of test programs by means of a look-up table
      • dynamic download of programming files
      • linking of test and repair stations
      • online recording of fault statistics
      • server-controlled programming of serial numbers
      • remote control of the test system up to vector level.

      By default, GOEPEL electronic supports all listed process controls through JTAG/Boundary Scan systems.