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JTAG/Boundary Scan
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JTAG/Boundary Scan Coach - interactive learning software for IEEE1149.X

Boundary Scan Coach

Interactive Boundary Scan learning software for IEEE 1149.x


  • How to stimulate and observe board- and system-level interconnects with Boundary Scan?
  • How does the Test Access Port (TAP) work?
  • How does the serial transmission of test pattern work?

The interactive learning software Boundary Scan Coach provides answers to these and many more questions. This tool illustrates how Boundary Scan test resources can be accessed, and how they can be utilized for structural interconnect testing. Boundary Scan vectors can be applied to a Unit Under Test - either virtually or on a real board - to demonstrate the IEEE1149.1 principle!


The Boundary Scan Coach software is organized in two sections:

Boundary Scan Basics
Screenshot "Instructions Register Shift"
Screenshot "Instructions Register Shift"

The user is introduced step by step to the basics of the JTAG/Boundary Scan/ IEEE1149.1 technology.

Among other things, it is demonstrated how an instruction (e.g. BYPASS) can be loaded into a Boundary Scan device (IRShift) and how the level on a Boundary Scan pin can be read (DRShift).

Learning by doing
Screenshot "Learning by doing"
Screenshot "Learning by doing"

Just as the name indicates, this section allows the user to interact with a virtual or a physical board to apply the Boundary Scan methodology.

The various Boundary Scan modes (Instructions EXTEST, BYPASS, SAMPLE, ...) are graphically illustrated on the screen. When the optional Boundary Scan Coach Board is connected to the PC, the test methodology is not only explained in the software but can also be experimented with on a real [hardware].

This makes the learning experience more fun while enhancing the understanding of the principles specified in IEEE-Std.1149.1.

System requirements, Installation

  • This software for Microsoft Windows operating systems does not have any special requirements on the PC's RAM or CPU performance. The Boundary Scan Coach was developed for Windows NT/2000 and XP.
  • The Boundary Scan Coach is available in English and German language. The installation file includes both language versions.
  • To install the software, [download] and run the "SetupCoach.EXE" file.
  • The Boundary Scan Coach software is free of charge and will be maintained and enhanced continuously to include current and future developments of the Boundary Scan technology and related standards.


[Version 1.2]
31.01.2005 (6,8 MB)

corrected Boundary Scan cell "capture" values,
formal GUI changes

Version 1.1

Initial Version


In principle, the Boundary Scan Coach works without additional hardware. In that case, the software runs in virtual mode. However, an optional demonstration board - the "Boundary Scan Coach / EZScan Board" - can be used to apply and illustrate the principle of Boundary Scan on a real hardware. In addition to the Board, a Boundary Scan Controller is needed for the connection to the PC.

Boundary Scan Coach / EZScan

The "Boundary Scan Coach / EZScan" Board is a printed circuit board used to demonstrate the Boundary Scan test methodology. The boards simplicity ensures a quick and fun learning experience. Two small PLD's (from ALTERA and XILINX) with JTAG / Boundary Scan / IEEE1149.1 resources, a SRAM, a Flash EEPROM, and Buffer and Logic Cluster devices provide the variety of components needed to experiment with the different types of Boundary Scan applications.
The "Boundary Scan Coach / EZScan" Board can be ordered from your [local sales representative] (Part no. 325-001).

JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller

To apply the Boundary Scan pattern to the Unit Under Test and to read test results, a Boundary Scan Controller is needed. The Boundary Scan Coach supports all [Boundary Scan Controller] from GOEPEL electronic as well as programmer hardware (for Parallel Port only) from ALTERA, LATTICE, and XILINX .

Other Educational Resources:

If you are interested in further information about the Boundary Scan technology, or if you would like to get an introduction into GOEPEL electronic's Boundary Scan Software [SYSTEM CASCON™], please consider these offerings:

Our offers:


GÖPEL electronic offers a variety of seminars on the subject of Boundary Scan and its application. For more details please click [here].

(Part no. 320-000)

This is a comprehensive tool set for test and ISP development and execution for a more complex demonstration board.

  • Boundary Scan TRAINER II Board
    (a demo board more complex than the EZScan Board (5 Boundary Scan devices, several RAM types and FLASH components and other devices) for more "real world" oriented and challenging test development exercises)
  • Boundary Scan Controller [ScanBooster]
  • CASCON GALAXY Advanced Edition DS - GÖPEL electronic's complete Boundary Scan Software Suite [SYSTEM CASCON™], licensed exclusively for use with the Boundary Scan TRAINER II Board.

Scan Coach / EZScan kit
(Part no. 325-000)

This is a comprehensive tool set for test and ISP development and execution.

  • [Boundary Scan Coach / EZScan] Board
  • Boundary Scan Controller [ScanBooster]
  • CASCON GALAXY Advanced Edition DS - GÖPEL electronic's complete Boundary Scan Software Suite SYSTEM CASCON™, licensed exclusively for use with the Boundary Scan Coach / EZScan Board.

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