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The Software concept

JTAG/Boundary Scan Software

The quality of a JTAG/Boundary Scan system is significantly determined by the performance and architecture of the used software.

In 1991 GOEPEL electronic has been developing an integrated Boundary Scan software development environment named SYSTEM CASCON.

Since then the uniqueness of the Boundary Scan workbench has been continuously expanded through the integration of new intelligent tools, along with innovative system extensions and improvements of the user interface.

Software updates are available via our customer web site GENESIS.

To perfectly address the needs of development, production and customer service, the software packages are available in dedicated performance classes as Development Stations (DS) and Test/Execution Stations (TS/ES). In-system-programming (ISP) tasks can be executed with CASCON POLARIS editions. The CASCON GALAXY version supports ISP and test methods.

The right tools for your application

VarioTAP by GOEPEL electronic is a technology for the fusion of Boundary Scan and Processor Emulation Test. This comprehensive suite bridges the gap towards achieving higher testing dynamics and also enables synchronisation with external I/O channels.

PET Procedure ATPG PFD Caslan Binary
External I/O Speed
Manual Scripting totally accurate totally accurate totally accurate at-speed
Memory cluster totally accurate totally accurate Teilweise real time
Bus components totally accurate totally accurate totally accurate totally accurate at-speed
Peripheral interface partly accurate partly accurate totally accurate real time
Code runner totally accurate real time

JEDOS (JTAG Embedded Diagnostics Operating System)

Chip-embedded instruments can prevent the problems with access points prevalent in traditional external instruments, while SYSTEM CASCON – by virtue of ChipVORX® technology and open software interfaces – is able to simultaneously access and control both classes. This ability greatly improves the capacity and test coverage of the entire system.

Type of instrumentation Controllable instruments
Chip-embedded Instruments Softcore IP (FPGA based)
Hardcore IP
External ATE instruments Software instruments,
Hardware instruments,
VarioCore instruments*
*VarioCore is a proprietary technology for the reconfi guration of I/O modules

Tool Suite for Functional I/O Test

In addition to structural tests, SYSTEM CASCON also offers tools for functional testing. Here, too, CASLAN multipurpose control language is a key feature. To generate tests, one can either import simulation vectors in IEEE 1445 format, or resort to behavior models in the CASCON library. Selected PXI or SCANFLEX modules by GOEPEL electronic, which can generate the vectors dynamically, can be used as external I/O drivers.

I/O level ATPG PFD Caslan IEEE 1445 I/O driver Speed
Board I/O Yes partly Yes Yes External I/O at-speed
Cluster I/O Yes Yes partly Yes Boundary Scan real time
Device I/O Yes Yes Yes Yes Boundary Scan at-speed

This comprehensive suite contains powerful ATPG tools (automatic test program generation) that generate de-buggable CASLAN source code and can also integrate external I/O channels. The PFD modules (pin failure diagnostics) ensure clear error messages.

BST process ATPG PFD Caslan AGB* Ext. I/O
Manual scripting Yes Yes Yes
Infrastructure Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connection (1149.1) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connection (1149.6) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Memory cluster Yes Yes Yes
Logic cluster (truth table) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logic cluster (waveforms) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Scan Pin probe Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
* AGB: Anti Ground Bounce Feature

Regardless of whether complex fl ashes or PLDs are being used, this suite always offers the ideal tool for automated, fast and secure programming, for each application.

Programming tool MCU PLD serial flash paralell flash
Core-assisted Programming* excellent excellent excellent excellent
IEEE 1149.1/Boundary Scan good very good
JAM/STAPL/SVF/IEEE 1532 excellent
FPGA-embedded Programmer** excellent excellent
External PIO channels excellent excellent
* VarioTAP
** ChipVORX

good good sehr gut very good excellent excellent

Tool Suite for Debugger/Visualizer

This suite enables graphical analysis and validation of designs and project data during full cross-probing.

Tool domain Tool suite
Hardware debugger Pin Toggler
Logic Analyzer
Break Points
Interactive CASLAN Execution
Vector Browser
Software debugger Interpretive CASLAN Executio Watch
Visualiser Schematics
Virtual Schematics

ATPG: Automatic Test Program Generation
PFD: Pin Failure Diagnostics