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JTAG/Boundary Scan

PicoTAP - Ultra Low Cost USB Controller

PicoTAP – JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller for Beginners

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PicoTAP is the world's smallest JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller and perfect for learning Boundary Scan technology. The controller was developed to support designs of lower complexity.

PicoTAP is characterised by:

  • small, compact and portable design
  • very low cost
  • fast application development
  • suitability for design, production and service applications
  • USB 2.0 interface with one TAP
  • directly pluggable to UUT (standard 10 pin header)
  • full compatibility with Boundary Scan software SYSTEM CASCON™ by GOEPEL electronic
  • full compatibility with complete hardware platform from GOEPEL electronic (SCANFLEX®, SCANBOOSTER™)

PicoTAP Designer Studio

For beginners in JTAG/Boundary Scan technology there is a complete low cost test system available. The package consists of hardware and software for users with cost-sensitive projects: PicoTAP Designer Studio.

The bundle is suitable for the design stage as well as small batch production. It covers a multitude of test applications, for instance prototype hardware debugging or interconnection test between BGA components.

Low cost Boundary Scan test system
Beginner package PicoTAP Designer Studio

Boundary Scan Beginner package

PicoTAP Designer Studio

PicoTAP Designer Studio's feature set targets various application levels like:

  • Infrastructure and Interconnect Testing
  • Internal Device Test (INTEST/BIST)
  • Edge Connector Testing
  • Generation of manual tests
  • Hardware Verification

Interactive PIN Toggler enables:

  • Control your circuit using the JTAG/Boundary Scan chain
  • Automatic control through non Boundary Scan parts (Buffers, logic, etc)
  • No firmware or software has to be loaded
  • Quickly control the signals you want and measure the results
  • Automatically cross reference between layout and schematic
  • Record, edit and play back steps to quickly create custom tests

Numerous options and full compatibility allows for upgrading the PicoTAP Designer Studio as your needs change:

  • Cluster/Device Testing
  • Memory Test (SRAM, DRAM, NAND, NOR, ...)
  • PLD/FPGA Testing
  • Internal Flash Programming
  • External Flash Programming

Scan Vision III with options:

  • Virtual Schematic Visualizer  
  • True Schematic Visualizer
  • Layout Visualizer
  • Interactive PIN Toggler

Extension option:

  • Upgrade to SCANFLEX platform