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JTAG/Boundary Scan
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Boundary Scan Test Application

Welcome to the Application Centre

Providing the appropriate technology we offer the access to your application!

You are dealing with the test of modern electronics all the time − in the lab, in the production or directly when working with a board.

Modern PCBs provide more and more functionality on less and less space. Your PCBs are equipped with a lot of components whose pins are increasingly harder or even non-accessible by In-Circuit Tester nails.

Access is the central problem for all test processes – the access to the Unit Under Test (UUT) to execute a required application.

Utilising Embedded System Access technologies (ESA) provides the chance to use standardized instrumentation platforms based on JTAG/Boundary Scan throughout the entire product life cycle, reusing existing applications and increasing the fault coverage in the production test.

Boundary Scan Application, Instruments and Access