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Industrial Vision Solutions

TOM image processing

TOM Line

TOM Line - industrial vision software

TOM image processing software
The TOM product line includes customisable optical inspection systems to be applied in measurement engineering and industrial quality assurance.

The functional library contains, among others:

  • Image capturing tools
  • Image processing tools
  • Measurement tools
  • Colour inspection tools
  • Object recognition / OCR tools
  • Barcode and data matrix code reading tool

TOM Line Systems

TOM Systems
In addition to the regular product-line we offer special solutions for the inspection of assemblies in automobiles e.g. instruments inspection of electronic modules.

With the help of the following bullets you will get more information about TOM Line Systems:
  • Basics
  • Customized systems
  • TOM magicControl
  • Combinations with TOM
  • TOM In-Line Vision System
  • TOM Combi-Line

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TOM Line Highlights

TOM Line Highlights
The hightlights of the TOM image processing software contain the following features:
  • easyOCR
  • Test of infotainment ECUs
  • TOM magicControl
  • Selective solder joint inspection
  • Protective paint check
  • TOM & Boundary Scan
  • TOM & Automotive Test Solutions
  • LED inspection
  • Easy test program generation


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