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A Company in the Tradition of the high-tech Location Jena in Germany

A Company in the Tradition of the high-tech Location Jena in Germany

Jena - Origin of optical Innovations

Jena has been a worldwide well-known and acknowledged location for leading technologies and innovations for over a century. The city’s success story started in November 1846 when the engineer Carl Zeiss founded the first mechanical workshop. In Ernst Abbe he found a congenial associate and later partner to revolutionize the manufacture of optical instruments. Later Zeiss and Abbe faced the limits of available glass quality and consequently the glass chemist, Otto Schott, joined the partnership. Schott was able to engineer glass with the required characteristics based on numerous theoretical approaches and smelting samples. This was the basis for further revolutionary developments for microscopy and many historic inventions such as the first prism binoculars (1894).

GOEPEL electronic – the History goes on

GOEPEL electronic has been one of the pioneers of the most innovative electrical test technology for electronic components and PCBs, JTAG/Boundary Scan. All engineering tasks required to introduce the Boundary Scan technology up to the generation of product-specific test programs as well as training seminars are part of the overall customer support by GOEPEL electronic.

In the meantime, Automated Optical Inspection has developed to one of the most commanding test technologies in electronic production. In the first year just a few systems were manufactured, but relatively quickly a product range emerged that found an appropriate infrastructure in the new company building, which was opened in 2003.

GÖPEL electronic GmbH

Additionally, the functional test of electronic assemblies and devices, in particular for Automotive Testing, has been one of the supporting pillars in the Company’s business activities. They are mainly focussed on the requirements of the automotive industry.

Furthermore the customized Functional Test Systems optimally suit for the automation of test runs. Integrated in a production line, as test system for final products or as repair station, versatile requirements can be realised with these systems.

In addition to technological and commercial achievements, GOEPEL electronic’s development proves that innovation and quality are decisive factors to achieve top rankings on a highly competitive market. The traditions established so long ago in Jena continue.

ISO9001 Certificate

Today, GOEPEL electronic is a worldwide leading vendor of innovative test and measurement equipment, accompanied by comprehensive product support and value added services.

The company maintains support and sales offices in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. An extended distribution and service network of more than 300 specialists ensures excellent local and on-site customer support for more several thousand worldwide system installations.

GOEPEL electronic has continuously been ISO9001 certified since 1996 and has been honoured with TOP-JOB and TOP-100 awards for being one of the best medium-sized companies in Germany.

GOEPEL electronic’s products won several awards in recent years (Best in test Award) and are used by most of the leading companies in telecommunication, automotive, space and avionics, industrial controls, medical technology and other industries.

Image in the background: Microscope in 1870 (source: Carl Zeiss Archiv)


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