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Functional Test System TESSY

Functional Test System
During the production of electronic assemblies it is necessary to check the manufactured products’ quality. Normally, this is done after various process steps in the production of an assembly. One step is the final assembly of complex boards where multiple electronic and mechanical components „meet“ for the first time. At this point faults can occur which affect the functionality of the products.

It is possible that wrong electronic components get into the housing or electronic components may be destroyed during the final assembly. To recognise these and other faults, a functional test of the manufactured products is performed at the end of the line. GOEPEL electronic has designed and manufactured functional testers particularly for the needs of the electronics industry. The products to be tested are digital and analogue assemblies. Various functional test systems have been created for the arising test tasks.

Main features of functional test systems
  • Integration of a high-precision digital multimeter to measure analog voltages
  • Integration of a calibrator to create analog voltages between –10V ... +10V and currents between –100mA ... +100mA
  • Provision of up to four supply voltages
  • Highly flexible system switching matrix
  • Diverse load switching of power resistors
  • Supply of the necessary bus communication to the test object

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