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Automotive Testing Expo China Automotive Testing Expo China
27 Sep 16 - 29 Sep 16 in Shanghai/China

We will exhibit Automotive Test Solutions and Industrial Vision Solutions.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth 3033.

Webinar "Embedded Board Test - The Future of Electrical Testing" Webinar Embedded Board Test - The Future of Electrical Testing
27 Sep 16 18:00 - 27 Sep 16 - 19:00 in Webinar

In our webinar you’ll learn more about likely problems to be faced in electrical test and how they can be solved. What opportunities are offered by Embedded Board Test, how can embedded test be integrated into already existing test solutions and how can it control or support the programming of increasing amounts of data?

Webinar "Farewell to false calls resulting from reflections and shadows! Fast, full-coverage 2D/3D X-ray inspection In-Line" Registration
13 Oct 16 17:00 - 13 Oct 16 - 18:00 in Webinar

If you deal with Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) of solder joints on PCBs you can’t avoid a discussion about false calls rate and test escape rates. Traditional AOI systems work with illumination of varying wavelengths and directions. Depending on the surfaces, the reflections and shadows visible in the camera image are properties used for a pass/fail determination. Changes in the solder resist, differing strong reflections from pins and solder joints as well as flux residue and slight contaminations influence such reflections and shadows – one reason for occurring false calls and escapes.

Webinar "Flexibility in the Production Process - Reliable Automated Optical Inspection of Selective Solder Joints" Registration
18 Oct 16 17:00 - 18 Oct 16 - 18:00 in Webinar

Inform yourself online and free of charge in about 60 minutes, including question and answer session about

Integration possibilities of camera modules for automated optical inspection of selective solder joint.

The automated optical inspection after the selective solder process via induction, laser or piston solder method but also with mini-waves is increasingly coming into the focus of process optimization.

Electronics Design Show
19 Oct 16 - 20 Oct 16 in Coventry / UK

We will exhibit Boundary Scan Solutions.

Webinar "On Board RAM Devices - Untestable? Modern Technologies for the Test of On-Board RAM Devices" Registration
27 Oct 16 17:00 - 27 Oct 16 - 18:00 in Webinar

In this webinar you’ll get information about the test of on-board RAM devices through embedded test methods.

What are the possibilities offered by Embedded Board Test for production? How can static Ram test be accelerated? What does a dynamic RAM test look like? What are the test possibilities for the future?

electronica 2016 electronica
8 Nov 16 - 11 Nov 16 in Munich/Germany

We will exhibit Boundary Scan Systems, Automated Inspection Systems, X-Ray Inspection Systems and Solder Paste Inspection.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth A1.351.

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