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Webinar "The most important facts about reliable 3D measurement of solder paste and sinter paste" _blank
11 May 16 17:00 - 11 May 16 - 18:00 in Webinar

Faults in PCB manufacturing may occur at different places within the production line, but approx. 60% of them are caused by solder paste defects. Since printing is at the beginning of the assembly line, faults found there are here less cost-intensive. Detecting such faults early in the operating at the printing step allows them to be addressed as cost effectively as possible.

Which technologies exist for determination of solder paste and sinter paste? What are the requirements to sinter paste inspection compared with solder paste inspection? How does a process optimization through Closed Loop looks like? And how could cross-linking be realized between different inspection systems in the frame of industry 4.0?

Answers to these questions and more on 3D Sinter and Solder Paste Inspection will be provided in our webinar on 11th May.

Webinar "Individuality desired? Flexible Integration of AOI systems into the THT process" Register
12 May 16 17:00 - 12 May 16 - 18:00 in Webinar

Inform yourself online and free of charge in about 60 minutes, including question and answer session about typical manufacturing problems and requirements for THT inclusive production processes. In our webinar, we will give you a live presentation on key insights regarding the structure of an in-line AOI system for component and solder joint inspection of THT assemblies.

During the presentation you will learn about various integration options for the shortest quality loop and maximum effectiveness. You will also learn how our inspection systems can be connected to company-internal MES and traceability systems, and which challenges and opportunities exist for AOI systems with respect to labeling of assemblies and workpieces.

Boundary Scan Days Boundary Scan Days
24 May 16 - 25 May 16 in Jena/Germany

Two-day event with various lectures and workshops about Boundary Scan solutions.

AOI Seminar for advanced users Registration
13 Sep 16 - 14 Sep 16 in Jena/Germany

Two-day seminar for advanced AOI users “AOI systems in practice”

  • Detailed explanation in the system software PILOT AOI 5.3
  • Creating library entries and models
  • Optimizing test processes, reduce false calls
  • Process-specific opportunities to test program execution
  • Processing of individual case studies
Basic AOI Seminar Registration
19 Sep 16 - 23 Sep 16 in Jena / Germany

Four-day event with various lectures and workshops about AOI Systems.

electronica India _blank
21 Sep 16 - 23 Sep 16 in New Delhi / India

We will exhibit Boundary Scan Solutions.

Automotive Testing Expo China Automotive Testing Expo China
27 Sep 16 - 29 Sep 16 in Shanghai/China

We will exhibit Automotive Test Solutions and Industrial Vision Solutions.

Electronics Design Show
19 Oct 16 - 20 Oct 16 in Coventry / UK

We will exhibit Boundary Scan Solutions.

electronica 2016 electronica
8 Nov 16 - 11 Nov 16 in Munich/Germany

We will exhibit Boundary Scan Systems, Automated Inspection Systems, X-Ray Inspection Systems and Solder Paste Inspection.


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