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Net2Run - restbus simulation of heterogeneous vehicle networks

Net2Run is a solution for signal based restbus simulation of heterogeneous vehicle networks.


Net2Run Configurator

Net2Run Configurator
Net2Run Configurator

The restbus simulation configuration is done via the Net2Run Configurator based on one or several CANdb- or LIN- or FIBEX data bases (.dbc, .ldf, .xml). The Electronic Control Units (ECU) to be simulated and their messages are selected and added to the simulation using a few mouse clicks.

The Net2Run GUI enables fast signal access. Additionally, a G-API (for “C” and “LabVIEW”) provides simple functions for signal manipulation. These functions can be used on the host PC for remote access as well as for programming onboard programs. Therefore, GOEPEL electronics’ Net2Run IDE offers a complete tool chain to crate real time capable onboard programs.

Net2Run IDE
Net2Run IDE
  • On-board network system data import from CANdb- (.dbc), LIN- (.ldf) or FIBEX- (.xml) data bases
  • Automatic restbus simulation of all cyclical and sporadic messages with automatic default value allocation and checksum calculation (user-defined checksums can be added via C library)  
  • Gateway Editor for configuration of PDU routing tables and signal gateway Transfer functions (e.g. scaling, offset, window functions)
  • Signal manipulation directly from the GUI
  • Signal API for simple and fast manipulation of signal values by means of test automation and onboard real time programs – a consistent
    G-API (for “C” und “LabVIEW”) works in Windows via PCI-/PXI, USB or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces as well as under QNX (onboard)
  • Net2Run IDE – complete tool chain for generation of onboard user programs by utilising signal based G-API, consisting of DIE, Power PC compiler, linker and remote debugger



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