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Automotive Test

Interactive Testing Software

Modulare Software Suite for ECU Testing – myCAR™

myCAR™ is a compact and easy to use software suite for the fast and uncomplicated handling of ECUs and hardware products of GOEPEL electronic.

The interactive software is determined by existing interface modules and can be equipped with various communication modules.

myCAR™ Philosophy
myCAR - modulare Software suite

Based on the API, you can configure your hardware with the HardwareExplorer and access the available interfaces in myCAR™.

Supported Hardware by GOEPEL electronic for CAN interfaces
PXI(e) 6153 PCI(e) 6153 USB 6153 basicCAN 6153
      basicCAN 61 PLUS
      basicCAR 6181

Software Features for CAN

  • Automatic restbus simulation
  • Define manual messages and signals
  • Parameterise message counter and checksums
  • Tracing of bus traffic
  • Message monitoring and manipulation
  • Import of DBC files (Data Base Container)

Supported Hardware by GOEPEL electronic for LIN interfaces
PXI 6173 PCI 6173 USB 6173 basicLIN 6173
      basicCAR 6181

Software Features for LIN

  • Master and slave simulation
  • Definition of schedule tables and frame responses
  • Import of LDF data (LIN Definition File)

Supported Hardware by GOEPEL electronic for MOST interface
PXI(e) 6161   USB 6161 basic MOST 6161
PXI 3060 PCI 3060 USB 3060 basic MOST 3060

Software Features for MOST

  • Master and slave simulation
  • AMS messages (control and package channel)
  • Ring breakage diagnosis
  • Flash recognition
  • Import of function catalogues

Diagnostic Protocol CAN LIN MOST
TP1.6 KW2000 - -
TP0.0 KW2000 - -

Software Features for Diagnosis

  • Establishment of several diagnosis channels
  • Free diagnosis service with answer test
  • Reading and deleting fault memory

Supported Hardware by GOEPEL electronic for FlexRay interfaces
PXI 6191 PCI 6191 USB 6191 basicFLEX 6191


Supported Hardware by GOEPEL electronic for LVDS interfaces
  basicCON 4115
USB 4120 basicCON 4120


  • Simulation and monitoring
  • Communication applications in the automotive industry
  • Customer-specific applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Universal diagnosis interface

Based on the G-API, the user is able to manage his/her hardware with the HardwareExplorer.

It offers the user the convenient possibility to assign logical names to the interfaces of the installed communication boards.
The management of the implemented hardware is made easier, and the user is supported during the initial learning curve. By displaying special detailed information for each of the installed PXI, PCI and USB hardware the interaction between hardware and software can be tested directly.

The GOEPEL electronic HardwareExplorer, provided with the G-API, is a universal entity for installing/configuring new or existing hardware components supplied by GOEPEL electronic.

Rico  Heine - GOEPEL electronic GmbH

Mr. Rico Heine