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API/Hardware Explorer

G–API (GOEPEL electronic Application Programming Interface) represents therefore a special software interface which is supporting different GOEPEL electronic hardware and which allows the users to embed it into their own applications. To get further and more detailed function description for working with the programming interface please refer to the manual of the corresponding device or contact us directly.



myCAR HardwareExplorer

Based on the G-API, the user is able to manage his/her hardware with the HardwareExplorer.

It offers the user the convenient possibility to assign logical names to the interfaces of the installed communication boards.
The management of the implemented hardware is made easier, and the user is supported during the initial learning curve. By displaying special detailed information for each of the installed PXI, PCI and USB hardware the interaction between hardware and software can be tested directly.

The GOEPEL electronic HardwareExplorer, provided with the G-API, is a universal entity for installing/configuring new or existing hardware components supplied by GOEPEL electronic.




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