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Using FlexRay Interfaces for Automotive Tests

basic Flex · PCI · USB · PXI 6191
FlexRay Bus Analysis and Validation Tool
basic Flex Scope 3095
Rico Heine - Internal Sales ATS
Rico Heine
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Highlights FlexRay Controller

  • FlexRay applications and test systems in the automotive industry
  • two independent FlexRay nodes for cold-start capability
  • supports A channel and B channel
  • cyclical transmission of FlexRay messages
  • event-based transmission of FlexRay messages
  • monitoring of bus data and events with time stamp
  • onboard functionality such as network management, diagnostics, special signals (checksums, counters)
  • all interfaces electrically isolated

Highlights basic Flex Scope 3095

FlexRay Bus-Analyse- und Validierungswerkzeug

  • control device validation
  • 4 functions: bus analyser, bus simulator, trigger unit, error simulator
  • supports A channel and B channel
  • connection to host via Ethernet
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