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Functional Testers

TESSY is a modularly configurable functional test system meeting the specific requirements for vehicle control unit tests. The system is equipped with vehicle-type and manufacturer-specific configurable communication interfaces (CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay, K-Line and diagnosis). Their time-critical protocols are controlled by microcontroller-based modules. The on-board software of these modules allows the communication via the respective interface, provides measuring functions and simulates failures. Special PWM and frequency generators are provided for the generation of characteristic signals and telegrams for engine, chassis und equipment sections. They can be adjusted by means of several parameters.

Functional Test System TESSY 

        Functinoal test system



  • Functional test system for motor-vehicle instrument clusters
  • Modular hardware structure for easy adaptation to the unit under test (UUT)
  • Simulation of the vehicle components and failure simulation
  • Generation of typical signals for the functionality checks and the test of system characteristics
  • Intuitive software based on the Test Sequencer PROGRESS
  • Macro library with various functions depending on the hardware configuration
  • IEEE 488.2, USB 2.0, TCPIP, RS232- and IEEE 1394 interfaces for the integration of additional hardware
Functinoal test system


Hardware Structure for functional test systems:

The hardware of the functional test system is provided in a modular structure and allows various system configurations depending on the tested control devices. Additional hardware components are easily integrated via the standard interfaces ( IEEE 488.2, USB 2.0, TCPIP, RS232, IEEE 1394). The hardware components allow the simulation of characteristic signals within engine, chassis and equipment.


Functional test Software:

Test sequence control, test program editor as well as the user surface of the functional test system are based on the Test Sequencer software from GOEPEL electronic. The Test Sequencer allows the selection of ready test steps from a macro library, their parameter setting and combination in a complete user program. No knowledge of programming languages is necessary, the user only works on a graphic user surface. The contents of the delivered macro library depends on the hardware configuration of the test system.




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