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LVDS, Low Voltage Differential Signaling

LVDS - Low Voltage Differential Signaling

LVDS means Low Voltage Differential Signaling according to ANSI/TIA/EIA-644-1995. The standard describes an interface for high-speed data transfer, basically determining the physical transmission layer with utilised protocol layers.

Initially, the LVDS interface was defined for internal communication connections within PCBs. However, because of its simple physical structure, interference tolerance and extremely high data rate it's become widely applied in external connections to control high-resolution displays in the industrial and automotive sector.  

Products from GOEPEL electronic for LVDS Bus

USB Module Stand-alone
    basicCON 4105
PXI 4112 USB 4112 basicCON 4112
PXI 4113 USB 4113 basicCON 4113
    basicCON 4115
  USB 4120 basicCON 4120
    basicCON 4121
Video Dragon
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