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LIN - Local Interconnect Network

LIN - Local Interconnect Network

The LIN-Bus (Local Interconnect Network) is a vehicle bus standard or computer networking bus-system used within current automotive network architectures. The LIN specification is enforced by the LIN-consortium, with the first exploited version being 1.1, released in 1999. Since then the specification has evolved to version 2.1 to meet current networking needs.

The LIN bus is a small and slow network system that is used as a cheap sub-network of a CAN bus to integrate intelligent sensor devices or actuators in today’s cars. Recently LIN may be used also over the vehicle's battery power-line with a special DC-LIN transceiver.

Products from GOEPEL electronic for LIN Bus

PXI PCI USB Ethernet
USB Module Stand-alone
PXI 6173 PCI 6173 USB 6173 basicLIN 6173 basicLIN 6173
PXI 6181 PCI 6181 USB 6181 basicCAR 6181 basicCAR 6181
      smartCommander magicCAR³
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